637 Days To Go is my blog, which was originally started with exactly 637 days until the start of the London 2012 Paralympic Games. And now it's been re-started with 637 days until the Rio 2016 Paralympic Games.

Thursday, 7 May 2015

Let's make this interesting. Prizes for donating!

To try and add some extra value to my FUNDRAISING campaign, and give YOU people an extra incentive to donate towards my, I'm going to offer up some unique prizes, and anyone donating can get themselves a free chance to win one. 

I may update the prize list as I think of new things so it might be worth checking back here if you haven't already donated!

And I will offer different prizes for different levels of donation to try and give everyone a chance to win something.

First up is a signed, race-worn Ireland jersey. Used in the World Championships and a handful of other races. Any donation of up to £100 gets entered into the chance to win this. 

Next is a VERY unique jersey - it's the Paracycling World Cup leader's jersey. Give to the leader of the Paracycling World Cup after each road. I won this one on the final day of the series in 2013 - and is my champion's jersey. Signed or unsigned - the choice is yours. It's a money-can't-buy object. Any donation of £100-£250 is entered to win this one.

Perhaps MY most unique jersey and the hardest of all to come by! One of my remaining Time Trial World Champion's jerseys, complete with sponsor logos. You get one that has been lightly worn and signed by me. First donation of £500 gets this.

Dan Martin signed jersey is now gone!

And I will offer up one more item at this time. This one is for the corporations or businesses out there. For ANY donation of £750 or more - I will come to your offices, give a motivational talk to you and your employees, and if you desire - lead a bike ride for an afternoon with anyone who wants to join in. But I promise you, the talk alone is good value!

So - please visit my FUNDRAISING PAGE and make your donation today! If you are interested in something specific (like a visit by my to your offices), you can email me directly at 

Thanks (AGAIN) to all that donate and for your time!